The Icy Lake of Hori

These bone-chilling waters form a barrier to those who would approach God City from the southeast. Here dwell the Floemen, blue men who charge exorbitant fees to ferry travelers and their wares across the lake in craft carved from huge chunks of ice. Those who wish to avoid the highwaymen of the Great West Road must deal with the Floemen, or brave the dangers of the mountains to the north. But someone claims that the Floemen’s doom is nigh, thanks to secrets found in the bottomless depths of the lake itself. Are these the ravings of a madman, or does hidden power lurk beneath the realm of the Ice Boats of Hori?


  1. Floemen
  2. Travelers to/from God City (roll for race and class)
  3. Demon (Water or Ice)
  4. Mega Turtle
  5. Something Frozen in an Ice Floe (dinosaur, human, droid, etc.). Possibly worshipped as a god and/or revivable.
  6. Ice Golem


  1. Fog obscures the lake and 1-6 miles around it. Watch for danger!

The Icy Lake of Hori

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