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Chariots of the Gods?
The history of interstellar contact with Vanth is discussed on p. 27 of Encounter Critical (Second Corrected Edition). Vanth is a planet in the Medieval Rim of the galaxy, where peculiar physical laws exist that allow the aboriginals to practic what is called, un-scientifically, “magic”. Under the guise of “angels” and “gods”, the Vulkin Star Empire operated a starport, called “God City” by the planetary inhabitants, in the harsh and forbidding North Mountains. Trade ensued for years until the crash of the interstellar navigation grid, cutting the starport off from all contact with the Empire. With the flow of imperial trade goods disrupted, the millions of stranded galactic citizens and traders were forced to venture out from their secure enclaves and make first-hand contact with the local cultures, pre-industrial but using so-called “magic”. Predictably, the impact of alien visitors on the natives (and vice versa) has been unpredictable.
Almost a dozen years later, who is the “typical” Vanthian, if such a being exists? Does he come from the distant stars or the soils of Vanth? Was he born on another planet, or is God City the only home he has ever known? Is she the forbidden love child of barbarian nobility and a chivalrous captain from beyond the stars? For every question of this sort, the answer is “Yes!”

God City
The former Vulkin trading port for Vanth. When the navigation grid for the local sector crashed eleven years ago, “millions” of interstellar travelers were stranded here. Eventually, when supplies began to run out, the survivos were forced to leave its confines to seek their fortunes.

The Icy Lake of Hori
These bone-chilling waters form a barrier to those who would approach God City from the southeast. Here dwell the Floemen, blue men who charge exorbitant fees to ferry travelers and their wares across the lake in craft carved from huge chunks of ice. Those who wish to avoid the highwaymen of the Great West Road must deal with the Floemen, or brave the dangers of the mountains to the north. But someone claims that the Floemen’s doom is nigh, thanks to secrets found in the bottomless depths of the lake itself. Are these the ravings of a madman, or does hidden power lurk beneath the realm of the Ice Boats of Hori?

North Mountains
The impenetrable mountains to the north of the realm of Vanth. From west to east are located God City, the Fissures of Death, Castle Crane, Castle Noth, the Iron Dwarf King’s realm, Angel Barrows, Hoarfrost Citadel, and the Pass of Death.

Castle Noth
When God City was a thriving spaceport and King Vafthergrint the Open-handed sat fast upon the throne, Castle Noth was a wealthy bastion thriving on the trade between the Vulkin trading post and the City of Blackhawk. Now that his young and peevish heir, Pippershot II, has taken his father’s place, evil times have befallen the lands where ale and gold flowed freely. S

Castle Crane
Known for the huge mechanical devices that dropped boulders upon besieging armies in ages past, agents of Castle Crane’s aging, heirless ruler, Prince Parchmort, slink forth on some mysterious quest. Is he bent on resurrecting past glories, or creating new ones?

Fissures of Death
Old Vanthian lore claim that these cracks into hell were closed up by heroes ages ago, but that Vulkin blundering reopened them. The Vulkins claim that the cracks were opened by groundquakes decades before they established God City. They deny the claims that awful monsters have been coming forth in greater numbers since the sector navigation grid went down, but why are sending more and more troops into these mountainous regions lately?

Hoarfrost Citadel
A centuries-old kingdom, with the hoard of a thousand conquests, is frozen beneath this blue-white glacier, a curse from the gods for its past atrocities. Now, however, the slow flow of the ice-river is uncovering thing that many would rather remain entombed. Has the power of the gods failed, unleashing the frozen dead of Hoarfrost, or has something else dared meddle in the domain of the damned?

The Iron Dwarf King’s Realm

The Pass of Death
This ancient roadway is, to many, synonymous with “a foolish, agonizing death”. Said to be built by gods, giants, or dragons in eons past, the kingdoms of the North Mountains are ever vigilant for threats from the East (such as Darth Viraxis, the Zombie Princess, and the Klengon Colonies). Some say that it should be destroyed to block the path of invasion; others say that it could just as well be used to invade the realms of evil. What to the strange, abominable carvings along the walls of the pass mean? Are they a warning from the long-extinct creators, or a potent weapon waiting to be unleashed?

Angel Barrows
When the Vulkins still claimed to be “angels” and “messengers of the gods”, they dared venture onto the sacred grounds of a backward, warlike tribe. The trading expedition was slaughtered to the last individual, their caravan’s goods lost and cursed. Other Vulkins sealed off the entire region with a phasic barrier to preserve the secret of their true identities, leaving the tribe to perish on its sacred ground. After so many centuries, and the collapse of the Sector power Grid, do the force fields still stand. What remains of the lost Vulkin treasures? Has the tribal holy ground retained its sanctity, or has the blood of natives and aliens and the seething phasic energies of Science tainted it beyond redemption?

City of Thunders
What secrets does the Five Elements Society conceal within the jade-topped walls of the City of Thunders? Only those who pass the rigorous and often lethal ordeals of skill, spirit, and luck survive to uncover its mysteries. It is not uncommon to see Robodroid wayfarers or mutant acolytes crawling on whatever passes for their knees to seek the inscrutable wisdom said to be taught within. Most of these fail to make it past the Unbearable Wisdom Gate, and instead find a meager, broken existence on the Island of Mendicants, the only place where foreign ships and merchants may come within the labyrinthine walls of the harbor.

The Isle of Blacksteel

The Slaver Kingdoms

Sea of Great Peril

Empire of Darth Viraxis

Holdings of the Zombie Princess

Klengon Colonies

The Bleak Mountains

Goblin Hills

Wonderlands (Funfair Nomads)
The Funfair Nomads are wandering tribes of carnies, mutants, and clowns, locked in an eternal cycle of alliances and deadly feuds for the dwindling supplies of fuel and marks (customers/victims) of the desolate boondocks known as Wonderlands. Their stock in trade is entertainment, of the “win-or-die” variety… and, since the games are invariably crooked, they’re more like “win-AND-die”.

The Unknown Highway

The Forbidden Wastes

Amazon and Wooky Freeholds

The Ape Sultans

The Steel Warlords
This region was sparsely populated coastal region before the sector navigation grid went silent. However, in just over a decade, the land has become a hotbed of industrial activity. Though living creatures have quickly disappeared from this area, streams of cyaborgs and robodroids march forth from the assembly lines to take their place. Automated fortresses ring the perimeter, while cyaborg tank units patrol for any living thing that dares intrude upon the realm of the Steel Warlords. The Amazon and Wookie Freeholds and the Ape Sultans are casting wary eyes upon their neighbor, dreading the advance of phasic might upon their jungle strongholds.

The Hidden Caves
Tales are told of a lost underground civilization, crypts stuffed with jewels and gold, diamonds the size of oxcarts (including the ox), and other treasures enough to drive a dwarf mad with greed. How anybody ever saw them in the first place is a mystery, for everyone freely admits that nobody has ever found the location of the Hidden Caves. Many have tried, much to their regret; even stoic Vulkin treasure-seekers have wept openly with frustration over this paradox. Major Mace Mattock, foul-mouthed Space Hero extraordinaire, says he has a foolproof scheme to solve this enigma at last - and he’s recruiting fools at top dollar to foolprove it!

The Shunned Towns
Among the many popular travel destinations of Vanth, the Shunned Towns are not among them. No outsider has visited them since before the Vulkins came to this world (and every wag claims a different reason for the enshunmant). Who would dare to break the age-old decree? Who would risk unknown censures, anonymous maledictions, and long-forgotten whammies to learn the potentially wallet-breaking truth of these towns’ dark secret—at no guarantee of life, limb, or dramatic purpose?

Dino Island
For the ultimate in big-game hunting, there’s no place like Dino Island. This is every hunter’s caveman fantasy on steroids—powerful, kill-you-dead illegal steroids. In fact, there are so many specimens of prehistoric megafauna and their phasically-charged kin that had the decency to go extinct on more civilizaed worlds, that the biggest mystery of all is the nature of the food source that keeps them all alive. (When questioned about this, a noted and notorious big-game hunter to quip, “They take turns eating each other.”) There are many other mysteries there, however, such as the ancient, bejeweled ruins buried beneath the enormous roots and creepers of the deadly jungle that grips the island in its fetid green tendrils; who could have carved out a civilization in such a lethal environment? And what treasures did such a hardy folk leave behind?

This City of Bloodhaven
Originally a haven for the Pirates of the Sea of Great Peril, Bloodhaven is the nexus for trade across the southern part of Vanth, where everything can be found — services as well as goods —for a steep price.

The Seven Mile Pillars of Haragorn

The City of Blackhawk
The Zircon of the Mercenary Coast, Blackhawk’s history is writtenin its frenzy of architecture. Dozens of madmen, monarchs, and revolutionaries have tried to overwrite the legacies of their predecessors, burying whole layers of the city beneath newer, loftier structures. A large portion of the city’s economy derives from exploitation of the endless layers of the buried city by the convoluted, chaotic bureaucracy of guilds, temples, and brotherhoods that dominate city politics. Complicating matters is that the endless catacombs are still inhabited by creatures eager to protect their subterranean domain. Fortune favors the bold in Blackhawk… but even the beggars are bold in this city of dungeons!

The Limb Traders
Many a conflicting tale has been told of the Limb Traders. None deny that they perform an invaluable service: providing replacement limbs and organs for beings who have lost them. The Limb Traders do nothing to discourage the rumors and tales that have grown up about them, seemingly believing that “no publicity is bad publicity”. One popular theory is that they were a society of mutant with the Detachable Limb mutation, which soon realized that outsiders without the mutations would pay “an arm and a leg’ to replace those self-same arms and legs when lost to disease or misadventure. ”/campaign/encounter-risical/wikis/limb-trader-legends" class=“wiki-page-link”> Stories and legends about the limb traders and the limbs they trade are fairly common, mostly regarding the sources of the limbs they provide. Some stories tell about limbs being stolen from unwilling victims; others claim that the limbs they receive sometimes have a will of their own. The Limb Traders scoff at (but do not quite deny) such tales, and often complement the inventiveness of the storytellers. These tales have usually not diminished the demands for their services.

The Great Spineywood

The Silent Glade

The Deadly South Mountain

The Horse Tamers
A race of intellectual horses, who train, herd, and sell a race of bestial humans. Many question, however, whether the humans are naturally bestial, or have somehow been robbed of their intelligence by artificial or supernatural means. Rumors persist that the herds of these equine fleshpeddlers contain many specimens with a pronounced resemblance to some missing politician or celebrity with too many enemies. Coincidence, or some bizarre form of revenge? Assassins are a silver piece a dozen in some parts of Vanth, but there are fates worse than death…

Salty Bay

The Waepeta Sorcerer Palisade
The grim fortification that broods above the landscape is the least of this eldritch fortress’ defenses, for within this dark domain dwells the enigmatic Sorcerer. For decades, the only visitors to his vast, ruined pile have been at his whim and under his power. Some say that it was he who engineered the destruction of this sector’s navigation grid to seal off Vanth for his own purposes. Is he the the calculating master of every Vanthian’s fate, as some claim? Or is he a pitiful little man, hiding behind a crumbling facade of phantasm?

Eavestrough Faerie Haven
It’s been called the last refuge of the Faerie Folk, but something is not right in the land of the Wee Folk. Those who venture within bring back tales of brambles, will-o-the-wisps, and haunts; many do not return at all! King Pinkbottom Bellywiggle has withdrawn all diplomatic contact from neighboring realms, and rumors of a massive buildup of boggarts, hobgoblins, trows, redcaps, and other unseemly types has been observed (often by travelers who have since had their eyes poked out by elf-darts). Has the Faerie King fallen prey to evil forces, or is the presence of aliens and their technology to blame for the Twilight of the Faeries?

Realm of the Hobling Emperor
Known to its inhabitants as the Shire Realm of the Hoblings, this green and pleasant land of plump, happy little folk hides a secret: the Throne of the Hobling Emperor has been vacant for the last 300 years. An ancient curse haunts the imperial line, and no Emperor has endured more than a year. The Clan of the Stewards, who hold the Throne in trust for the next Emperor, may know more about the Curse than it claims to. Persistent rumors, hastily squelched, speak of a certain dungeon in the City of Blackhawk, and of secret shipments of valuables such as noseweed, spicecaps, and “specialty” ivory carvings unavailable to underage Hoblings in return for certain “services”. Who made this hypothertical “arrangement”, if it in fact exists? Why have the Stewards refused to seize the Crown? What may be hidden in the so-called “Hobling dungeon”? Can the oft-prophesied “Return of the Hobling Emperor” be fulfilled three long centuries after the last one vanished from the Bakelite Throne?

Great West Road

The Phasic Swamp
Long used as a dumping ground for malfunctioning alien technology and phasic toxins, the Phasic Swamp has an even more ancient history as a sacrificial site of the darkest type. Rumored to be a portal to some blasphemous underworld, scores of criminals, princelings, priests, and anonymous wayfarers have met their fate in the tangled, fetid depths of this blighted bog. Since the Vulkins started using the swamp as a phasic waste dump, things have gotten even more interesting; documented rumors of phasic demons, magic-using radioactors, and cannibalistic wardoxy cults of the Mad Computer God. In addition, practically everything that dwells within the swamplands suffers dire mutations — which may actually be an improvement in the lives of the degenerate Swamp Folk who have made this squalid wilderness their home since time immemorial.

Plains of Parathax
Warring tribes of beastly riders, worshipping uncouth gods, contend for the meager resources of these flatlands. Outlanders come seeking the magical treasures and long-lost technological remnants of bygone eras, but most come away without the objects of their quest — but so much more than they sought.

The Mercenary Coast
True to its name, the Mercenary Coast is indeed the single best place to recruit warriors-for-hire in all of Vanth. Many an adventurer has begun his (or her!) (or its!!) career flocking to the banner of a company of sellswords. Every type of combat is represented here, from arbalest and blunderbuss, to bonespears and eon blades, and everything in between. Surprisingly, there is little violence between the companies of doughty death-merchants, unless they are hired to do so; they follow the Code of the Mercenary, which discourages combat for non-mercantile reasons except for formal duels, tournaments, recreation, and sport.

Lair of the Sulduku Hierophants

A Brief Look at Vanth

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