Science vs sorcery4

~by RisusGuy

Welcome to the land of Vanth! This document which you hold in your hands (or some other appendage) is the result of rigorous True Scientific Realism, in the tradition of the game Encounter Critical by messrs. Hank Riley and Jim Ireland. This author has not attempted to adapt this classic and seminal RolePlaying Game (RPG) into Risus game terms, which is both beyond the scope of this endeavor, and an exercise in futility. For those who decry such an effort, the decrier is referred to the original. Instead, he has utilized what remains of the original scientific source material, supplemented with anecdotal evidence and expert reconstructions, to produce an unbiased and objective work that presents this post-apocalyptic setting of Science and Sorcery in a pure Risus environment.

If this is your first experience with the world of the Riley/Ireland opus, count yourself “lucky” to have this opportunity to see it with new eyes!

Risical Ruminations
Though this material is based upon scientifically valid data, it is sometimes difficult for the layman to incorporate this information into the Risus RPG engine. Therefore, in the “Risical Ruminations” section on each page, I, RisusGuy, will offer comments on the proper way to utilize this material in a gaming context.

Peruse these topics of great interest, o Reader!

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